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Comprehensive ABA Treatment
Comprehensive programs are interventions that are between 30-40 hours per week of direct ABA intervention, plus hours for supervision, management, and caregiver training. This does not include school or other services that may be provided, just the ABA intervention. Comprehensive programs are supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst Doctorate (BCBA-D). Individual programs are supervised by Program Managers and Behavior Specialists. Direct work is done by the Registered Behavior Technician/Behavior Technicians and for a detailed description, see the BACB guidelines for more information on Comprehensive ABA Treatment.

Focused ABA Treatment
Focused programs are for specific skill development or behavior reduction. They are generally 10-25 hours per week, but may be more than 25 hours if behaviors are extreme or require additional consideration. For a detailed description, see the BACB guidelines for more information on Comprehensive ABA Treatment.

Parent Training
Parent training will be part of any program, but can also be an intervention unto itself. Parent training interventions focus on bringing caregivers up to speed and giving them the skills to actively participate in intervention. Parent Training can be provided in a group or individual setting. Group trainings usually meet in a clinic/instructional setting and are between 15-20 hours over a several week period. Individual parent training is generally 1-2 hours per week.

Social Skills Training
Social Skills Training is a type of Focused ABA intervention, but it is done in groups to assist in social skill development. Social Skills Training may also be part of an individual Comprehensive or individual Focused program.

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