Staff Profile

Kandyce Kindlespire

Behavior Analyst

Kandyce Kindlespire was raised in Folsom, CA. She received her Bachelor of Science in Genetics from UC Davis.  She then completed graduate school at Capella University and finished with a M.S. in Psychology with and emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Kandyce has experience working in the school system working as an aid in the Special Education classroom and has substantial experience volunteering in the pediatric unit at UC Davis Medical Center.  In August 2017, Kandyce Kindlespire joined the Learning ARTS team as a behavior technician, then moved up to Behavior Specialist while finishing graduate school and now she is on the Learning ARTS team as a Behavior Analyst. On her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her dogs and her family and adventuring to hidden gems in California and throughout the United States.  Kandyce hopes to be able to travel and provide services to children throughout the world one day.

Citrus Heights