Resources to support their needs.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Resources for Parents and Families

At Learning ARTS, we understand that the journey of parenting a child on the autism spectrum is filled with unique challenges, incredible triumphs, and unwavering love. Our commitment to you, the parents, is rooted in empathy and a deep understanding of your needs.

In addition to our ABA Parent Training Program, this is what you can expect when you choose Learning ARTS as your partner for your family’s autism journey:

A photo of a 35 year old male BCBA patting the back of a 20-year old Behavior Technician, both looking at an 8-year old child who is sitting at a table, playing with legos.

A Compassionate Community

Learning ARTS represents a compassionate community dedicated to fostering a supportive environment for families with individuals on the autism spectrum. We hold education and generosity in high regard, embodying qualities such as empowerment, potential, impact, and compassion. Our primary focus lies in nurturing the bonds between our supervisors and technicians, with a strong commitment to aiding those within the autism spectrum in realizing their fullest potential through the practical application of ABA therapy.

Behavior technician and BCBA meeting with mom and dad in the dining room

Expert Resources

Navigating the world of autism can be overwhelming. That’s why we provide access to other Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) resources to help you along your journey. Our team of professionals is here to empower you with knowledge and insights, helping you become the best advocate for your child.

Behavior technician and BCBA meeting with mom and dad in the dining room
BCBA writing on a white board with two behavior technicians looking on

Tailored Strategies

Every child on the autism spectrum is unique, and so are their needs. Our resources and support are personalized to address the specific challenges you and your child face. We work with you to develop strategies that meet your family’s needs.

BCBA high-fiving a parent

Supportive Tools

We offer practical tools and tips to help you and your child thrive. From communication strategies to sensory-friendly activities, our resources are designed to enhance your child’s development and improve their quality of life.

BCBA high-fiving a parent
Celebrating milestones

Encouragement and Inspiration

Parenting a child with autism can be emotionally demanding. We provide a constant source of inspiration, celebrating the big and small victories along the way. Your dedication and love are what make your child’s journey extraordinary.

Your Journey, Your Triumphs

At LearningArts, we stand alongside you every step of the way. We are inspired by your unwavering commitment to your child and believe in your ability to make a profound difference in their life. Together, we will overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and create a brighter future for your child on the autism spectrum.

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